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:: On the Trail in New Zealand ::

Introducing the young reader to Aotearoa, New Zealand landscapes and native animals, 'On the Trail to New Zealand' promotes discussions around culture with illustrations of key fun kiwi food and a few key words in te reo to highlight the importance of cultural language.

Word opposites such as up - down, over- under, top- bottom, inside-outside are integrated, and vocabulary for sensory experiences such as icky sticky, squishy, squelchy is introduced all in a fun adventure that takes you from the North Island to the South Island and back again.

Look out for the fluttery fantail, hiding on every page!

:: Willow the Wombat goes Walkabout :: 

Willow the Wombat goes Walkabout introduces the young reader to Australia's diverse landscape from the sandy beaches of Queensland, to the rainforest in the Dandenong mountains of Victoria, and finally the lavender fields and golden autumn tree's in Tasmania.


Many quirky Aussie animals join the conga line  on the quest, while coming across some favourite Aussie snacks. This story highlights developmental movement using fine and gross motor skills in a fun playful adventure. 


Look out for the cheeky cockatoo, hiding on every page!

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Book One Searching for Santa.png

*Special Christmas Edition*

:: Searching for Santa ::


Searching for Santa weaves positional prepositions such in front, behind, over, under , above and below as KokoPossum, Marma-llama and their eager Rottweiler Indie go on a quest to save Christmas. 


Based in Luna's local area in Qld, young readers are taken across common Australian lifestyle locations such as park BBQ's, local dog parks and the iconic Noosa Beach all while collecting a menagerie of helpful native animals.

Look out for the cheeky Kookaburra hiding on every page!

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Free activities for children 3+ available!

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