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Meet the Characters

Say "Hi" to Koko-Possum, Marma-llama and friends!

Koko-possum is 7 years old, the eldest child  in her family. Koko-possum loves to play dress ups, her favourite costume is the sugar glider Possum. She is an outgoing, encouraging leader who promotes teamwork and inclusiveness.

Koko-Possum loves learning about other countries and meeting their animals.

Marma-llama is 5, the youngest in her family. Marma-llama loves to play dress ups and her favourite costume is a llama. She loves llamas!

 Marma-llama is a gentle soul who is very observant and notices small details.

She is great at using her looking glass on quests!

She is a curious girl who loves to explore nature.

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Indie is a bold pup. She is quite independent and finds herself wandering off often following interesting scents… 

Indie has a happy-go-lucky attitude and is quite resourceful.

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Lola is a fun loving mischievous pup who loves an adventure!

Lola’s character is based from Luna's real puppy by the same name. 

She loves being involved and easily makes friends where ever she goes.

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Stay tuned for Luna's Next Release!

Reading to children is not only a fun and enjoyable activity, but it also has many benefit
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Discover the adventures of Koko-Possum and MarMa-llama!

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