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Meet Luna Finch

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Welcome to the inner magical workings of Luna Finch

After a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2016, I spent time contemplating what mattered in my life. As a mum of four and Nonna of two, I reflected on the highlights and decided to weave my nostalgia into entertaining stories for generations to come.

Each adventure highlights a slice of the amazing world we live in. I began with my home countries: New Zealand and Australia. I have had the good fortune of enjoying both countries throughout my life. Together they both share beautiful diverse landscapes, delightful animals and a mix of cultures calling to be celebrated.

I have selected some of my favourite locations to feature in my stories. Some places are well known, whilst other locations are more special to me personally. I have taken great pleasure in highlighting quirky cultural details that have been often shared with and enjoyed by international friends I met, on my own worldwide adventures.

Throughout the storylines, I consciously introduce concepts that can assist with allied health goals. After spending a decade in multiple clinics supporting my 3 premature babies to meet their milestones, I became acutely aware of the impact these foundational skills can have over a lifetime. All stories subtly interlace language techniques and multisensory experiences aiming to support the development of literacy, communication and fine/gross motor skills.

Most importantly, the Adventures of Koko Possum & Marma-llama have been created upon my deep values of appreciating and embracing diversity in all its forms. Themes of kindness, helpfulness and inclusion are highlighted to create a strong sense of us all existing in this world - together. 

With love & magic, Luna x

Author Incursions

Author Visits
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Interested in an interactive author reading experience at your playgroup, childcare, kindergarten or school?

As a former Kinda Dance teacher,  Luna comes dressed in sparkles for the readings,  making them fun and engaging for children of all ages with her enthusiastic personality.


Luna adapts her visits from intimate playgroups  to large primary school halls and can bring her lovely therapy toy Cavoodle

Lola - featured in the stories - as a surprise guest. Get ready to discover the magic of storytelling with Luna!


Based in North Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

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