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The Journey Begins

It all began with a splash on our kitchen floor, as I cleared away our dinner plates.

My 11yr old watched wide eyed as her little sister announced her early arrival – at 32wks. My next daughter arrived closer to date, but still too early for our preference at 35wks and lastly our son, never to be outdone by his older sisters arrived at 28wks.

What they don’t tell you when you finally get to take your little miracles home, is that the challenging road is far from over. After over a decade spent in allied health waiting rooms, with extra ‘exercises’ in addition to homework to help with their motor skills, emotional regulation, sensory regulation, speech and literacy – my miracles have grown into strong and healthy young adults.

What kept me sane during all these ‘extra’ requirements?

Was finding learning activities that engage in a FUN way: tactile art, chalk sidewalk games, dressups, dressups and MORE dressups – and when they were young, close snuggle contact alongside Tales of Hairy Maclary and SnugglePot & CuddlePie. These now treasured memories created connection and calm at the end of a tiring day.

When my second Grandbubby made HER early entrance during covid in 2021, she was most fortunate to have a Speech Pathologist as a Mum, and a Nonna who loved snuggling to read books. The inspiration then sparked to create stories my grandchildren would love to read over and over, in support of their early literacy development and most importantly – for priceless cuddle time.

Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, an educator or an allied health professional, I hope the adventures of Koko Possum and Ma-Ma llama inspire a love of reading in your little ones and are enjoyed by all.

Love Luna Finch A.K.A Mum & Nonna


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